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 Generation Z – This is the first generation of real digital natives: they do not know or comprehend a world without Google, the Internet or Smartphones. Theirs is a hybrid world of virtual reality, as well as a real world stripped of innocence. This a post 9/11 generation, a generation that has witnessed, first hand, the devastating effects of the Great Recession on their parents, as well as a world in a constant state of flux – mostly turmoil. This unique perspective on the world is shaping a very different future citizen and consumer: tech savvy, opinionated, pragmatic and wise beyond their years.

Our client’s brief was to design a series of buildings facing Lynnwood road that could be held up us a model for future residential and office buildings worldwide, accommodating Generation Z and future generations to come. The ground storey’s of these buildings houses a combination of open and cellular office and recreational spaces that are interspersed with auxiliary functions. The other storeys of each building houses pre-fabricated modular living boxes for a generation that is finally starting to think out of the ‘box’. The project is exemplary on both macro & micro scales. It addresses a complex range of design considerations. The project is also a highly creative interpretation of a complex brief, elevating the design of office space to imaginative new heights.


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