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Project Description

The Siyotshala Urban Agricultural Centre is an attempt to provide a simple structure from local materials that will be aesthetically pleasing within the newly formed urban environment. It is also an attempt to put human contact back into the marketplace, where local people can meet and do their weekly grocery shopping within a buzz of activities.

One of the main concepts behind the design is to provide a building that seems to grow out of the existing fabric of the area. The slightly off-axes elements of the design open up vista’s toward the surrounding agricultural fields and further emphasize the notion of “Archology”, where the city functions as a living system. We live in a world that worships celebrity and fame, and many architects design buildings to attract the attention of the world and for not much else. This research project attempts to provide a case for architecture that is raw and unrefined and will be constructed from simple cost-effective local materials. Architecture that acknowledges everyday domestic life, but still celebrates the potential for inventiveness within the ordinary as Joe Noero puts it. (NOERO 2004:16-24)

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