The Housing & Property Industry Desperately Needs To Change

Housing & property industry desperately needs change. We can’t carry on designing “cookie-cutter” apartments, townhouses or clusters that all look the same and have the same floorplan. Don’t just design to meet the targets; rather design excellent residential and mixed-use property. Quality will always be desired and recognised, and architectural-aware buyers want freshness, excitement and innovation.

There are a substantial group of homebuyers who want intelligent, good looking pieces of architecture that will retain their cultural and financial value over time. Homes that display a high degree of thought, mixed with high technology and optimum use of natural resources. These are people who notice the difference between the handmade, the crafted, and the indifference of the volume developments built solely to make money without a care for the person occupying it.

We believe that a building should raise the spirits of their occupants and enhance their neighbourhoods. When you wake up, your home should uplift your spirit with its light volume and space and provide security for all the family as they grow together.

Homes should be designed to receive the maximum amount of northern sunlight and not be cramped gloomy boxes. Passive design and keeping the carbon footprint as low as possible should always be paramount.

Developments should respond to the flexible needs of parents and children and encourage communal values – work, play, leisure & retirement. They should be easy to upgrade, built to last and designed so that new features can be added easily.

The building materials should be tough, tactile and durable. They should age well and have a low environmental impact. Each building should offer its inhabitants a primed canvas upon which they can personalize their lives.

By designing small masterpieces of domestic architecture we take advantage of the site and anticipate the future. By blurring the boundaries between inside and outside, our buildings connect people to nature, leading to healthy and productive environments where individuals are engaged in their surroundings. Our architecture reminds people that they are deeply intertwined with the environment, even when they are inside.

We strongly believe that buildings can serve as a bridge between culture, nature, history and people, and that inspiring surroundings have a positive effect on people’s lives. By designing in harmony with the land, we create buildings that, through their massing, materials and orientation are sustainable. We are not only selling architectural designs, we are selling healthier living environments by creating spaces that help people thrive, from livelihood to safe haven.

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