The Housing & Property Industry Desperately Needs To Change

Housing & property industry desperately needs change. We can’t carry on designing “cookie-cutter” apartments, townhouses or clusters that all look the same and have the same floorplan. Don’t just design to meet the targets; rather design excellent residential and mixed-use property. Quality will always be desired and recognised, and architectural-aware buyers want freshness, excitement and [...]

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Modern Farmhouse Plans by South Africa’s #1 Farm House Architect

The Farmhouse or farm structure is a very big part of the South African landscape one can almost not imagine a farm (or game farm for that matter) without the typical shed-like structure & wraparound ‘stoep’. These shed-like structures can almost be regarded as off-the-shelf architecture, and was almost the first structure any responsible [...]

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3 Beautifully designed Cape Town buildings

Cape Town has a number of buildings, both commercial and residential, that are beautifully designed. Below is three of my favourites. Weaver’s Nest (2005) As one turns a corner in Higgovale, one is presented at eye-level with two large wings flying among the trees. Upon closer inspection reveals them to be detached, monopitched roofs that [...]

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3 of my favourite Pretoria Buildings

Pretoria has many excellent examples of architecture. Below are three of my favourite buildings, and the reasons why I like each of these. Centenary Building (2008) The building was appropriately named Centenary Building for commemorating a hundred years of architecture on the University of Pretoria campus. The end result is an eclectic array of architectural [...]

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